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Meet Dr. Sara

Scientist, Clinician &
Nutrigenomics Expert

Dr. Sara completed her Doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. In her dissertation, Dr. Sara discovered important links of genetics and environmental factors, including nutrients, that play an important role in the early stages of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.


In addition, she has conducted several studies in kidney disease patients and cardiovascular clinics to investigate the role of caffeine, vitamin D, calcium, and other minerals in their health outcomes. Dr. Sara has also conducted some of the world's largest studies on cellular lipid metabolism enzyme deficiency diseases, such as Fabry disease. She continues her research, discovering unique genetic markers and how to change exposures, mainly nutrition to improve health outcomes. This field of research is known as Nutrigenomics.

Dr. Sara's discoveries along with other genomic scientists' work, make it possible for doctors and healthcare providers to tailor patient care specific to their unique DNA. This field, known as precision medicine, is currently the most personalized care available and known to modern medicine. Dr. Sara's work in this field has been published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as receiving significant recognitions and awards nationally and globally. 

Prior to studying genomics, Dr. Sara practiced as a clinical registered dietitian in several hospitals in Canada. Dr. Sara's clinical background enables her to bring science to practice and examine clinical practices for efficacy. This dynamic relationship allows her to bring the latest science to her patients and bring patient questions to the lab.

Her patient care philosophy is to listen, engage and facilitate the best evidence-based treatments for her patients. These proven techniques result in empowering her patients, achieving their health goals more efficiently with her guidance.

Find out how she can help you get a fresh start on your journey. You can request a consultation from Dr. Sara through our contact sheet.  

Why DNA & diet?

Your individual genetic variations can affect how you respond to foods, supplements, exercise, and other environmental factors.


Your genes interact with what you eat and what you eat can change your health outcomes based on your DNA. Therefore, your genes determine your specific and unique nutritional needs. However, most traditional dietary plans are generic and do not take into account your unique DNA.

Have you ever noticed that you get a different reaction to certain foods, like coffee, milk, or bread than someone you know?  For example, some people lose weight following a lower carbohydrate diet, while other gain weight on the same diet. Why? The answer is in your genes! Slight genetic variations in our DNA can determine if we are lactose intolerant, have a tendency to snack more, or get anxious after drinking too much coffee.

Our DNA test can reveal all this information and more. 

Another factor that can determine how well you stay with a good diet plan depends on how motivated you are to follow it. Recent research shows that people are more motivated to adopt healthy dietary habits when they know the diet is personalized to their specific genes rather than one-size-fits-all dietary recommendations.

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